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Category: Energy efficiency

A new highly conductive geothermal energy system to save up to 25 % installation costs

The new highly temperature-conductive plastic components developed within the GEOCOND project will improve the efficiency of geothermal facilities. The new system will make possible to reduce drilling depth by up to 20 %, thereby saving installation costs up to 25 %.

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Greenhouse gas removal: the essential contribution of plastics

We have all heard about excessive emissions of CO2, a gas that is absolutely necessary for life on […]

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Innovative technologies significantly improve energy efficiency in electric vehicles

Nearly one hundred stakeholders from the electric vehicle industry and affiliated sectors attended the workshop Innovative Research to […]

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An Industry 4.0 project to improve the competitiveness of the Valencian plastic sector

AIMPLAS is carrying out an ambitious project that will allow adapting the whole Valencian plastic industry to the […]

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