Energy efficiency

Institute of Plastic Technology
27 November 2018 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency, R&D
Nearly one hundred stakeholders from the electric vehicle industry and affiliated sectors attended the workshop Innovative Research to Improve Energy Efficiency in EVs that recently took place in Vigo, Spain.
Spanish technology centre
31 October 2018 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency
The automotive sector, in its interest in continuously improving the quality of vehicles and all their components, as well as the safety of users, is concerned to develop standards and define requirements that facilitate this objective.
Spanish technology centre
24 October 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Energy efficiency, Innovation, R&D
AIMPLAS and ITI are developing the project PLASMATIC2, with the purpose of helping plastic enterprises in their transition to Industry 4.0.
 An Advanced Predictive Maintenance System has been successfully developed and a pilot experience...
Plastic research institute
02 August 2018 en Energy efficiency, Innovation
Over the last five years, about one hundred projects related to plastics’ sustainability have been carried out in the amount of 100 million euros
automotive innovation
20 February 2017 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency, Innovation
The project DIVEO is funded by the IVACE within the framework of the aid programme aimed at technology centres for the 2016 exercise.
rd plastics
17 October 2016 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency
In its innovation line for the automotive industry, AIMPLAS coordinates the project JOSPEL to develop an innovative heating panel system manufactured with compounds that achieve a 30 % reduction of the energy consumption.
sustainable packaging
04 July 2016 en Circular Economy, Energy efficiency, Healthcare, Packaging, Recycling
AIMPLAS, together with  AIDIMME, ARVET, ACTECO and ENPLAST, coordinates the project LIFE EXTRUCLEAN. Thanks to new decontamination technologies, it has been achieved to eliminate 70% more contaminant substances than with the conventional...
plastics research
08 June 2016 en Circular Economy, Energy efficiency, R&D
Ana Palanca is giving a presentation next 22 June about Industrial biotechnology for a sustainable and efficient production within the framework of the European Conference about Industrial Technologies 2016
automotive innovation
06 June 2016 en Automotive and Transport, Circular Economy, Energy efficiency
On 24 November, AIMPLAS will introduce in Bologna the project JOSPEL, wherein energy-efficient comfort systems for passengers have been developed. 
research centre plastics
05 April 2016 en Circular Economy, Energy efficiency, R&D
The commercial version of waterbags developed within the European project REFRESH XXL are already a reality after being successfully tested in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Tarragona, with a payload of 2 000 cubic metres (2...


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