Development of new formulations: compounding

Category: Innovation and trends in plastic materials

Compounding includes actions intended to physically or chemically modify a polymer adding substances in order to provide the polymer with features it lacked before. AIMPLAS offers different services regarding compounding.

We offer companies technical assistance on the development of new materials: formula optimization and the subsequent production. Our experts go to your installations to identify which formulation you want to achieve, design experiments in order to obtain the desired formula and validate its features. We also give advice on additives, fillers and reinforcements. In many occasions companies add unnecessary additives resulting in high manufacturing costs. We help companies prevent unnecessary expenses and know which additives meet their needs.

Compounding polymers

AIMPLAS has plenty of experience with compoundings and has worked with most additives (flame-retardants, stabilisers, foaming agents, plasticisers, UV-absorbers, antistatics, antibacterials, etc.). Our experts have knowledge of processings unfamiliar to many suppliers as they give guiding references and the casuistry is varied.

Furthermore, we assist companies in the mixing process: load, fibres and pigments dispersion. A wrong dispersion results in poor special properties (flame-retardant, electrical and thermal conductivity, colouring, etc.) and low mechanical features (impact, tensile, etc.).

Finally, we transfer the obtained formula to the industrial production. We identify the parameters the company must use so that its machines attain the same conditions as in the laboratories and the pilot plant. This way the company avoids taking unnecessary steps and having problems in the industrial scale-up.

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