Plastics in the construction industry

Construction is among the industries that consume the most plastic materials. Although plastics are not always visible in buildings, they are used in a wide range of interior and exterior applications. They can be found in insulation, wiring, piping, profiles, window frames and flooring, among other places. Plastics are also used in innovative solutions aimed at sustainable urban development and resource efficiency.

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Testing plastic materials: plastic pipe standards

The standards concerning plastic pipes are determined by the material used to manufacture such pipe (polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC) and by the function that is […]

The house of the future is made from plastic

Innovation on the properties of plastic materials has made possible its application in nearly all spheres of life, as well as in our nearest space, […]

New environmentally-friendly composites to provide competitiveness for the construction and automotive industries

Fibre-reinforced composites are materials of great interest for very demanding sectors, such as the construction and the automotive industries, thanks to their low weight and […]

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Sustainable composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration

AIMPLAS role within the project OSIRYS is mainly related to the functionalization of graphene for its use with thermosetting resins and pultrusion process with natural fibers and bioresins

Innovation in packaging and construction: trends in polymeric foams

We can find foams in several sectors. The main application market of these materials is the construction sector. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, the water-tightness, the vibration isolation and the reflection of the sound we can find it in parquet floor waterproofing sheet, insulation boards for walls, insulations for air ducts, floating floors, joints…

Technical Assessment for the (fully made out of composites) Valencia’s new lighthouse

A new lighthouse fully made out of composites was designed by Ignacio Pascual (APV) and manufactured by ACCIONA. AIMPLAS has contributed to this innovative building by giving technical assistance to the Project Management.

AIMPLAS will offer technical assistance to Valencia’s new lighthouse construction works

Valencia’s new lighthouse is a good example of composites potential role in the construction sector. This is a unique project as the new lighthouse has […]

Failures in pipes

Plastic product must pass strict quality controls and comply with the technical specifications, like the mechanical, physical or chemical ones. In spite of this, either […]