Plastics in the construction industry

Construction is among the industries that consume the most plastic materials. Although plastics are not always visible in buildings, they are used in a wide range of interior and exterior applications. They can be found in insulation, wiring, piping, profiles, window frames and flooring, among other places. Plastics are also used in innovative solutions aimed at sustainable urban development and resource efficiency.

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Testing plastic materials: plastic pipe standards

The standards concerning plastic pipes are determined by the material used to manufacture such pipe (polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC) and by the function that is […]

The house of the future is made from plastic

Innovation on the properties of plastic materials has made possible its application in nearly all spheres of life, as well as in our nearest space, […]

New environmentally-friendly composites to provide competitiveness for the construction and automotive industries

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The new lighthouse of Valencia’s port has received the award for the innovation in composites

AIMPLAS has participated in the technical assessment to the Port Authority of Valencia on the use of advanced composites.

Multilayer PET packages to become resins for coatings and the building sector

The company Barpimo from La Rioja (Spain) and AIMPLAS are working on the development of new alkyd and polyester resins from multilayer PET packages wastes

Additive manufacturing to revolutionize different sectors

Some months ago we saw how Imaginarium revolutionized the toy sector with the launch of a line of products thought to be designed by kids […]

New profile manufacturing method for the building sector and electric car

The project COALINE will allow the reduction of costs of the profile production by pultrusion and also the emission of particles and volatile compounds during the processes of sanding and painting. 

Weight reduction of plastic products

The use of transparent thermoplastics for glazing supposes an advantage of the 40 % when reducing the glass weight. This is just an example of […]