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Centexbel to organize the 3rd International Conference on Biobased Textiles and Plastics within the framework of the project FIBFAB

The importance of biobased materials is still growing in the European textile and plastic converting industries. Each year, new applications are being developed imposing increasingly stringent demands on mechanical properties, durability and additional functionalities.

The 3rd International Conference on Biobased Textiles and Plastics will take place on October 16, from 9am to 5 pm in Gent (Belgium) and it will identify the main changes and trends in the field of biobased thermoplastics for textiles and plastics and provide a comprehensive update of all aspects for commercial applications. The focus will be on durable and high-end applications.

The project FIBFAB

AIMPLAS coordinates the project FIBFAB to successfully launch and industrialize the production of biodegradable and sustainable polylactic acid (PLA) based fabrics (wool/PLA and cotton/PLA) for the applications in casual (menswear and womenswear), protective and workwear clothing, and to overcome the current limitations of PLA fibres as a real alternative to current fabrics (wool and cotton combined with polyester fibres).

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