CE marking for shower trays for domestic use

Category: Plastics in the construction industry

From 1st April 2012, the shower trays manufacturers for domestic use are obligated to commercialize their products at European level with the CE marking, according to the legislation EN 14527, since it indicates the conformity of the product with the European Union legislation and allows the free movement of goods within the market of European Economic Area.

When the CE marking is added to a product, the manufacturer declares the conformity of this product with all the legal requirements and ensures its validity to be commercialized in the European market. So, CE marking can be considered as the passport for the trade of the product within the European Union countries. 

AIMPLAS conducts tests necessary to obtain the CE marking in this kind of sanitary products, collaborating with companies in compliance with the requirements of this legislation in the following areas:

Aptitude for cleaning: The surface aspect and the evacuation of water capacity of shower trays are evaluated.
The stability of the base of shower tray subjected to a static load and the behavior of the tray surface to the attack of certain chemical products and stains of usually products in a bathroom are evaluated.
The resistance of tray shower to abrupt temperature changes is also evaluated through cold water cycles at 15ªC and hot water cycles at 90ªC

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