Innovation and trends in bioplastics

Research into bioplastics continues to make progress and significant growth is expected in the world bioplastics market in coming years. This increase is due to the need for companies to offer sustainable solutions to consumers who are more and more demanding, as well as the application possibilities of bioplastics, especially in the packaging, transport and mobility industries.

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ISO 14855: aerobic biodegradability under controlled composting conditions

AIMPLAS, in its biodegradability and compostability laboratories, carries out the necessary analyses to demonstrate that materials or products are biodegradable and/or compostable. We are certified by TÜV to obtain different eco-labels, and we are also accredited by ENAC and EMA

R&D plastic: new biodegradable packaging for cheese and pasta with a lower cost and environmental impact

AIMPLAS has coordinated a project that has allowed developing a new generation of biodegradable and compostable packages for cheese and fresh pasta, with a lower cost up to 25 % and a reduction of the final carbon footprint up to 29 %. 

Bioplastics to produce fabrics with advanced properties

The FIBFAB project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, will allow obtaining sustainable textile fibres to replace polyester with advantages such as higher breathability, lower weight, better tinting and UV rays resistance. 

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R&D plastic: New bioplastics synthesis processes

The Plastics Technology Centre participates in a project to develop new biopolymer synthesis and modification routes in a single stage by means of reactive extrusion processes. 

Sustainable composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration

AIMPLAS role within the project OSIRYS is mainly related to the functionalization of graphene for its use with thermosetting resins and pultrusion process with natural fibers and bioresins

AIMPLAS will join the SAVE FOOD initiative and will contribute with its experience in packaging

AIMPLAS will contribute with its experience, acquired in more than 25 years working on innovative projects, focused on the increase of food’s shelf life and […]

SINTEPOL: Synthesis and modification of polymers through reactive extrusion

With the aim of guarantee sustainability within the plastics’ sector is crucial the development of new biopolymers together with new routes and efficient synthesis processes […]

A new era for plastic bags

Reusable plastic bags and biodegradable plastic bags are proposed as an alternative to disposable single-use ones