Spanish technology centre
10 July 2018 en Agriculture, Bioplastics
Following the success of the 10th edition of Agricultural Film, which brought together more than 200 professionals from 40 countries, this year is an unmissable event for the sector.
Agricultural Film 2018 will take place on 17-19...
Institute of Plastic Technology
29 May 2018 en Bioplastics
The project BIOVEGE, coordinated by AIMPLAS, was awarded last week with the third prize for the Bio-Based Material 2018 in the German city of Köln.
Spanish technology centre
10 April 2018 en Bioplastics
The importance of biobased materials is still growing in the European textile and plastic converting industries. Each year, new applications are being developed imposing increasingly stringent demands on mechanical properties, durability...
26 March 2018 en Bioplastics
The project consortium of FIBFAB has been working on the development of the PLA formulations, the processability evaluation and the fibre properties characterization at pilot plant level during the last 6 months.
In addition, the...
Spanish technology centre
12 February 2018 en Bioplastics
The project DAFIA, a Horizon 2020 project, aims at converting Municipal Solid Wastes and fish processing wastes into useful products, celebrates its first anniversary. 
13 July 2017 en Bioplastics
The second meeting of the DAFIA project consortium was held at the BIOPOLIS premises in Valencia, Spain, the 22 June.
plastics technology centre
06 July 2017 en Bioplastics, Circular Economy, Packaging
MIPLASCOE, funded by CDTI through the programme Innterconecta 2016, aims to produce biopolyesters by using fermentation from wastes of the orange juice industry for the manufacturing of elements for the rail industry and bottles to package...
plastics technology centre
12 June 2017 en Bioplastics, Circular Economy, Packaging
The project Bread4PLA, coordinated by AIMPLAS, has been awarded with one of the two Green Awards in the category of Environment that the European Commission has given as one of the best LIFE projects of the last 25 years. 
17 May 2017 en Bioplastics, Circular Economy, R&D, Recycling
The FIBFAB project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, will allow obtaining sustainable textile fibres to replace polyester with advantages such as higher breathability, lower weight, better tinting and UV rays resistance. 
functional coatings
08 May 2017 en Bioplastics, Circular Economy, Packaging
The European project KARMA 2020, where AIMPLAS participates, will develop a waste valorization technology in the poultry industry to obtain new biodegradable packages, reinforcements for composites, biocomposites, fertilizers and flame-...


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