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Category: Automotive and Transport

The RECOTRANS project obtains its first demo samples thanks to a new manufacturing process using microwaves and lightweight multi-materials to manufacture more sustainable vehicles

Based on the use of new materials and manufacturing processes, the project, led by AIMPLAS, will make it possible to produce lighter and, therefore, less polluting vehicles without increasing the cost.

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Renault recognizes the competence of AIMPLAS’ laboratories for ‘Self-Validation’

AIMPLAS’ laboratories have successfully passed the procedure by Groupe Renault to recognize the competence of our laboratories as a self-validation subcontracting laboratory.

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New equipment will allow to expand AIMPLAS’ capabilities in environmental tests

Within environmental tests, climatic tests use the relevant laboratory equipment to reproduce climatic conditions at which a product may be exposed during its lifetime.

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The importance of laboratory tests in the aeronautical sector

Composite materials are widely used in the aeronautical industry. Aside from routine quality checks, such as computerised tomography which is used to detect internal failures in composite materials, aircraft components must go through a validation process when they are made for the first time or when there is a change in material or in the manufacturing process.

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