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Category: Automotive and Transport

Biocomposites in the automotive industry: potential applications and benefits

Biocomposite materials can be defined as composite materials in which at least one of the constituents is derived from natural sources. This includes composite materials made from the combination of petroleum-derived polymers reinforced with natural fibre, biopolymers reinforced with natural fibre, or biopolymers reinforced with synthetic fibre (e.g. glass, carbon).

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Innovative technologies significantly improve energy efficiency in electric vehicles

Nearly one hundred stakeholders from the electric vehicle industry and affiliated sectors attended the workshop Innovative Research to […]

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Formaldehyde emission in vehicle interior components

The automotive sector, in its interest in continuously improving the quality of vehicles and all their components, as […]

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Fire-resistant Fibre Reinforced Polymers for weight reduction and modular interior design for the railway of the future

AIMPLAS takes part in the European project MAT4RAIL, ‘Designing the railway of the future: fire resistant composite materials […]

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