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Spanish technology centre
31 October 2018 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency
The automotive sector, in its interest in continuously improving the quality of vehicles and all their components, as well as the safety of users, is concerned to develop standards and define requirements that facilitate this objective.
Spanish technology centre
23 July 2018 en Automotive and Transport
AIMPLAS takes part in the European project MAT4RAIL, ‘Designing the railway of the future: fire resistant composite materials and smart modular design’, which aims to reduce the weight of railways by replacing metallic structural...
Plastic research institute
17 July 2018 en Automotive and Transport, Construction, Innovation

Composite materials are formed by two or more components so that the properties of the final material are better than the properties of the components separately.
This kind of materials consist of:
Spanish technology centre
03 May 2018 en Automotive and Transport
The second consortium meeting of the RECOTRANS Project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, was held on the 9th March, in coincidence with its 6 months of live.
The objective of this project is to create a new manufacturing system for obtaining multi-...
Plastic research institute
14 December 2017 en Automotive and Transport
Last 7 and 8 November and coinciding with the 31st month of the project, the general assembly meeting of the JOSPEL project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, was held.
The aim of the project is developing a new energy-efficient climate system for...
Institute of Plastic Technology
27 November 2017 en Automotive and Transport
Composite materials provide countless advantages derived from its high performances and its low weight to sectors such as transport. The problem is that its mass production is not a reality yet due to the complex manufacturing methods...
R&D plastics
12 May 2017 en Automotive and Transport
Three experts of the composite materials industry, Gazechim Composites Ibérica, Magnum Venus Products (MVP) and AIMPLAS, establish a partnership to foster the use and new applications of composite materials.
automotive innovation
20 February 2017 en Automotive and Transport, Energy efficiency, Innovation
The project DIVEO is funded by the IVACE within the framework of the aid programme aimed at technology centres for the 2016 exercise.
innovative bioplastics
01 February 2017 en Automotive and Transport, Bioplastics, Circular Economy
We have coordinated the project BRIGIT to produce biodegradable and flame-retardant bioplastics that will be installed in trucks and buses as panels.
curing systems
24 January 2017 en Automotive and Transport, Innovation
AIMPLAS coordinates the European project ECOGEL CRONOS, aiming for developing a powder gelcoat coating with electrical conductivity properties obtained by incorporating carbonaceous fillers. 


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