AIMPLAS takes part in the organization of the conference ‘Algae Biorefineries for Europe’

On 17 and 18 October Brussels will host the conference Algae Biorefineries for Europe, a meeting organized by AIMPLAS as coordinator of the project BISIGODOS together with the coordinators of other three European projects on algae biorefineries, D-FACTORY, PUFA-CHAIN and MIRACLES. 


The aim of the conference is to disseminate the main innovations reached from these four projects, for a total amount of EUR 35.5 million, as well as the potential of the microalgae biotechnology in the marine bioeconomy. 

For that purpose, the meeting has been divided in two days. The first day, the different agents involved will be informed of the sustainable development of the algae biotechnology potential by means of a series of high-quality presentations on subjects such as the status and the sector’s perspectives in Europe, as well as by means of cases of success of the four projects. The presentations of this first day will be focused also in sustainability and socio-economic aspects of the production and use of algae, including the acceptance by the consumers.


During the second day, more technical subjects will be discussed with presentations on innovations. The meeting will also have a posters session and will be a wonderful opportunity for networking. 

proyectos europeos

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