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AIMPLAS organizes an online course about Composites: RTM, RTM Light and Infusion

The Plastics Technology Centre, AIMPLAS, has opened the pre- registration period to its online course about Composites: RTM, RTM Light and Infusion.

With a duration equivalent to 80 hours, the course has been designed to be taught online through the AIMPLAS Training Web from, so participants can take it with complete flexibility in terms of scheduling and from any place. The course is modular and is composed by interactive multimedia contents.

Professional technicians from AIMPLAS collaborate in its development and implantation, who will help to better understand the resin transfer process thanks to personalized tutoring and tools available in the virtual classroom. The main goals of this course are to know the advantages of resin transfer processes in relation with other processes of composite materials transformation, to know the different kinds of resin transfer processes, its characteristics, advantages and products obtained. Also to select the most suitable process for the product, the characteristics and the conditions desired. And know the different phases and elements of RTM, RTM Light and Infusion processes.

The students will learn to select the most suitable material according to the product characteristics, as well as to carry out the quality and the necessary conditions control for the processing and to obtain the product optimally. The course, taught by Nora Lardiés, research staff from the Composites department at AIMPLAS, is aimed to responsible, shift leader and company’s workers which use composite materials during its manufacturing process.

The price for associated with AIMPLAS and unemployed is 400€, and 500€ for non-associated, with 20% discount as low as the second participant from the same company VAT non-included.

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