AIMPLAS closes 2014 with 133 R&D projects on its way about new materials and processes

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AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Centre, has closed 2014 with an increase of their income and also with an increase of the number of companies associated. Moreover, has started up new installations for the development of their R&D tasks and has received the recognition from the Valencian Government to the best Innovation European Project for the development of ECOBIONET project.

Concretely, in the past fiscal year the Centre had a total turnover of 8.6 million of Euros, a 5 % more than in 2013, while the number of associates grew a 6 % up to the 540. The turnover to companies, mainly for R&D activities, grew also a 5 %, being the 51 % of the revenue. Besides, AIMPLAS has also participated during 2014 in a total of 133 R&D projects, 98 corresponding to national projects and 35 to European projects. At a national level, this has supposed the collaboration with approximately 80 companies, half of them from Valencia.

The main sector of some of these projects has been the packaging sector, which represents the 35 % of the activity of the Technology Centre. The building sector (13 %) and the automotive sector (12 %) or the recycling and environmental sector (10 %) are the other great recipients of the innovation projects that are carried out in AIMPLAS, although there have been carried out an important number of projects for the electrics-electronics (9 %), aeronautic (6 %) and other sectors such as the nautical, the agricultural and the leisure industry.

The main working areas in 2014 have been the new materials, which have allowed bringing high-technology and sustainable products to market, which comply with the requirements increasingly more exigent, such as those required to plastics and that allow the expansion of its application field in more sectors. Nanotechnology, composites, sustainable materials and other advanced materials represent more than a half of the investigation activity of AIMPLAS. The most efficient and sustainable industrial processes and the competitive intelligence and technologic security complete the work of the centre during the last fiscal year. 
But besides, AIMPLAS keeps being the first Spanish centre that offers accredited tests by ENAC for the plastic industry with approximately 200 tests accredited and more than 6 000 annual services of analysis and tests. In the area of training, in 2014 125 training actions and were made, where 1437 attendees participated from 481 companies with a total of 3 816 hours of training.

New installations

2014 has been a year of events to AIMPLAS. Last March, the Plastics Technology Institute expanded their installations with an inauguration of centre for the investigation of nanomaterials, materials that come from renewable resources, composites and intelligent materials.

With a total area of 4 500 square metres distributed in three floors, the new installations allow to AIMPLAS increasing the number of investigation projects made annually thanks to that new equipment. So, it will also increase the capacity of transference of obtained knowledge towards the companies of the plastics sector, both Valencian and national ones. 

Award to the best project in the Valencian Community

In May of 2014, the technology centre also received the award to the best European project in the Valencian Community by their project ECOBIONET, where AIMPLAS was the coordinator. This award, given by the Department of Treasury and Public Administration last May, awarded the project for Innovation. 
The innovative packaging is biodegradable and it keeps the same properties and the same aspect than extruded string bags manufactured with conventional materials. The price is slightly superior per kilo of contained product. 


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