AIMPLAS attends the most important international compounding event

Categories: Innovation and trends in plastic materials, Plastics industry training and events

On 18 and 20 April, the Compounding World Congress 2016, the most important event in the compounding field, took place. More than 200 attendees from important companies related to compounding went to this event: from producers of raw materials, fillers, reinforcements or additives, to compounders and machinery suppliers, universities or research centres.

AIMPLAS, as an international reference centre in the formulation and modification of thermoplastics, attended this event to be up to date on the latest developments.

Within the different presentations, quite different topics were discussed; from reactive extrusion and VOC removal to production optimization, heat conductive fillers, industrial scaling and blends compatibilization, among others. AIMPLAS has a great experience in all these topics and it can be a technology partner to solve these problems at industrial level.

 Compounding polymers


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