Plastics in agriculture

The use of plastic products in agriculture has led to an authentic revolution in farming and society in general that has made it possible to convert land with little potential into productive farmland. The versatility of agricultural plastics makes them ideal for use in a number of applications, such as mulch films, crop protective netting, plant covers, irrigation systems and seedbeds.

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Sustainable solutions in plasticulture

Plasticulture has brought about a real revolution in the farming world and society in general by making it possible to convert a great deal of […]

Biodegradable films and nets for vegetables obtained from horticultural wastes and products enriched with agricultural by-products are already a reality

The project BIOVEGE, in which AIMPLAS participates, has been successfully completed, since the first results from horticultural wastes in the form of biodegradable films and nets have been obtained.  

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Extrusion in plastic materials

Extrusion is a plastic processing technology that allows production of a wide variety of semi-manufactured products with a constant and complex cross section. Only by […]

AIMPLAS develops microirrigation systems with antimicrobial and anti-root functionalities

The Plastics technology Centre coordinates a European project which main goal is the implementation of new irrigation systems with new anti-microbial and anti-roots functionalities which allow increasing their functionality up to the end of their shelf-life and contributes to water consumption reduction in comparison with the current systems in the market.

New eco-friendly traps to control the Pine Processionary

The meeting to launch the LIFE PISA project (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000504) took place on July 30th at AIMPLAS. This research aims to develop new eco-friendly traps […]