Identification and chemical analysis

Polymer identification and Plastics Chemical Testing

Polymer characterisation

  • Identification of polymers (FTIR, DSC, Raman)
  • Surface morphology (SEM, EDX)
  • Molecular weight and its distribution
  • Number and thickness of layers in multilayer films (optical microscopy)
  • Oxidation induction time and temperature
  • Gel content (crosslinking degree)
  • Characterisation of thermosetting resins: curing rate, gel time, acidity index, solid content

Characterisation of additives and fillers

  • Identification and quantification of fillers and reinforcements (FTIR, TG, Raman)
  • Identification and quantification of additives (FTIR, chromatography)
  • Percentage of fibreglass
  • Percentage of ash
  • Content and dispersion of carbon black
  • Dispersion and agglomeration degree of particles by microscopy

Characterisation of residual substances

  • Identification and quantification of residual monomers (chromatography)
  • Identification and quantification of residual solvents (chromatography)
  • Volatile content
  • Water content (Karl-Fischer method)
  • Release of primary aromatic amines
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) analysis
  • Emission testing for the automotive industry (carbon, formaldehyde, fogging, odour)
  • Characterisation of thermosetting resins: residual styrene content by GC
  • Composition of gases in packaging (O2, CO2, N2)
  • Non-invasive analysis of oxygen content
  • Recycled materials: contaminants, fine particles, solvent extraction...