Finished product testing

Finished Product Testing‎

The work in our laboratories for plastic materials testing covers everything: from the characterisation of the raw materials to the analysis of the finished products that are destined to the different fields of the plastics industry.

Packaging: Shopping bags, packaging for cosmetics, packaging film, etc.

  • Characterisation of shopping plastic bags.
  • Characterisation of plastic bags for bin.
  • Characterisation of suitability and quality criteria of plastic pumps for the use in the cosmetics industry.


PVC profiles, pipes/tubes and accessories, waterproofing sheets, tanks, septic tanks and purification plants, swimming pools, storage reservoirs, valves, shower trays and sanitary facilities.

Some examples for these types of testing are:

  • CE marking: Thermoplastic tanks for the storage of heating fuel.
  • Characterisation of thermosetting resins for the storage of liquid fuels.
  • Analysis of thermoplastic tanks/storage reservoirs for the above-ground storage of chemical products.
  • Characterisation of polypropylene pipes.
  • Characterisation of PVC pipes.
  • Polypropylene pipe for irrigation.
  • CE marking of septic tanks according to EN 12566-1 and purification plants according to EN 12566-3.
  • Polymer modified tar sheets.
  • Flexible sheets for waterproofing.
  • Certification of plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing.
  • Certification of geosynthetic barriers.
  • Characterisation of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC).

Automotive sector: Components such as door panels, car roofs, dashboards, etc.

Recycled materials.

Furniture: garden furniture, street furniture, etc.

Agriculture: greenhouse film, irrigation pipes, etc.

Medicine: prosthesis, catheters, drainage tubes, etc.

Composites materials of the navigation, aviation and wind energy sectors.