CE marking for construction

CE marking is a key indicator of a product’s conformity with the European Union legislation. The manufacturer, importer or distributor, when adding the CE marking to a product for construction, declares that it complies with all the legal requirements demanded by the Regulation (UE) Nº 305/2011. Likewise, he ensures its validity to be marketed within the entire European Economic Area (EEA).

AIMPLAS, notified body (system 3)

Notified bodies are institutions that ensure the impartiality, confidentiality and independence and is competent to certify the conformity of a product according to the standards established. 

AIMPLAS is a notified body by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda (nº 1842) to perform the following activities: 


  • Conformity assessment for CE marking of static thermoplastic tanks for above ground storage of domestic heating oils, kerosene and diesel fuels tanks according to EN 13341.
  • Conformity assessment for CE marking of small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 pe: prefabricated septic tanks and domestic and prefabricated sewage treatment plants according to EN 12566-1 and EN 12566-3. 


AIMPLAS is the unique notified body in Spain for these products; Technical annex ACREDITATION Nº OC-L/365
Certificate OC-L/365

CE marking of other construction products (system 4)

AIMPLAS performs, CE marking testing of any product requiring it, for all kind of sanitary products (baths, kitchen sinks, washbasins and bidets), grease and hydrocarbon separators and waterproofing sheets, for system 4 of evaluation. The centre assesses companies regarding harmonized standards applicable to the product, requirements of the conformity evaluation system, reports of the required tests, demandable content to technical documentation, labelling and declaration of performance.