Healthy and wellbeing

AIMPLAS is committed to the wellbeing of its staff to improve their quality of life and personal and professional development in a more productive, safer and healthier way.

This entails the promotion of health and wellbeing at work through human resource and occupational health and safety policies such as:

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Campaigns on specific occupational health risks. Finalists in the Prevencionar awards in the Communication category and in the Atlante awards for the “Hoy lo celebramos” campaign carried out in 2018 to mark the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.
  • Risks from new materials: special attention paid to health monitoring and industrial hygiene.

Psychosocial care

  • Regular studies on the working environment.
  • Career plan: management of talent, training and performance appraisal.
  • Ongoing training: co-funding of training and financial support in Masters and doctoral degrees.
  • Leisure activities.


  • Promotion of healthy habits: nutritional, cardio-healthy, emotional intelligence, etc.
  • Cancer prevention campaigns.

AIMPLAS has signed the Luxembourg Declaration, joining the more than 480 companies that make up the INSSBT’s (National Institute for Safety, Health and Wellbeing) Healthy Companies’ Network, thus committing to the values of the statement: ‘healthy employees in safe, healthy and sustainable companies.’

Being a healthy company means that in addition to complying with the legal regulations on occupational health and safety, we also manage the health of our employees from a comprehensive, holistic approach, taking health into account in all the company’s policies.


The environment

Ethics and transparency


Training and education