Environment AIMPLAS

Environment sustainability is one of the main challenges of the society. AIMPLAS aims to provide solutions to this challenge. For this reason, in recent years, this has been one of the main pillars of our strategy. We work to improve the environmental sustainability through four main lines:

1. We offer technological support to companies to improve the environmental sustainability of the sector: 

  • Assessment in eco-design
  • Training in good practices and environmental awareness for professionals
  • Incorporation of wastes into the manufacturing process
  • Search for applications for recycled materials
  • Assessment in product eco-labelling
  • Improvement of carbon footprint

2. We develop R&D projects that provide new solutions, favouring the respect for the environment:  

  • Promotion of the use of sustainable materials (renewable origin, biodegradable, recycled materials, etc.)
  • Work with waste recovery
  • Promotion of waste recycling
  • Optimization of transformation processes

Cases of success

Bread4Pla case of successAmong our cases of success, we find the BREAD4PLA project. Led by AIMPLAS, it has been awarded as the best environmental project developed in the 25 years of the LIFE call. Through this research, packages for bakery and confectionery from wastes of baking industry have been developed. 

3. We foster initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility: 

  • We have a working group on plastics in the aquatic environment.
  • We organize events aimed to promote the recovery of wastes or bioplastics (e.g. sustainability events, international seminar on biodegradable materials and sustainable composites)
  • We participate with presentations in events focused on promoting the respect for the environment.
  • We publish content aimed at fostering sustainability, such as guides.
  • We are members in associations such as ASOBIOCOM.
  • We have signed alliances with key entities in environmental sustainability: Cicloplast, Clean Technologies Centre, etc.

4. We promote good practices between employees. For this purpose, AIMPLAS encourages and manages the collection of wastes (hazardous wastes, batteries and WEEEs, paper/cardboard, packages), we adapt the facilities in order to improve the energy efficiency (smart light control, closed refrigerating circuits in production plant) and we inform our employees about recommendations for their day-to-day contribution to environmental improvements in the performance of their work.