Our Clients

“Our relationship with AIMPLAS is ongoing in relation with training, European projects as well as analyses and testing. AIMPLAS played an important role in the development of our enterprise”.
“We have been implementing projects in cooperation with AIMPLAS for many years. The professional specialists and technological skills of the AIMPLAS Institute enabled us to incorporate new developments in our enterprise and in our affiliates at an international scale.”
“The professional personnel of AIMPLAS are outstanding. They deal courteously with any request and are perfectly prepared. They are able to resolve any problem that we bring up”
“We have been working together in eight R&D projects in the last years, most of them for Spain, but the last projects were developed at an international level. One example is MAC-RTM, that enabled us to develop an innovative technology for microwaves to improve the homogeneity of the curing process of resins in RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and avoid the emission of volatile organic compounds".

“The technical assistance of AIMPLAS is perfect. They always take care to avoid interruptions. For any doubt that we have, we contact AIMPLAS and they help us to find a solution to be able to continue".

“Apart from the technological support, AIMPLAS helped us to achieve international visibility. The advantages of the achieved innovation and the media coverage of our development enabled us an orientation that we never would have been able to realise without AIMPLAS”.