Recycling and environment


We have more than 20 years of experience in the R+D+i recycling of plastic materials. We are technological partners for enterprises and assist them to be able to increase their products´ recyclability.
We have participated in numerous successful cases of the investigation and development of new applications of recycled material for automotive parts, construction elements, containers in contact with food and transport containers for dangerous products... among others.
We innovate on materials to improve their properties and transformation processes. Their optimisation is an opportunity for enterprises to reduce time and costs.

Technical assistance

Assessment in recycling plastics

  • Compatibility and additivation of recycled plastic materials
  • Recyclability analysis of plastic wastes
  • Search for new applications of recycled material: automotive sector, containers in contact with food, construction sector, wood/plastic composites, etc.
  • Reduction and utilization of production cuts and shutdowns
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Ecodesign
  • Assistance in environmental legislation and REACH legislation
  • Implantation of environment management systems (ISO 14001 standard: EMAS regulation)
  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental procedures: plans to minimise waste materials, business plans for risk prevention, preliminary studies of grounds, environmental assessment, etc.
  • Product ecolabelling
  • Odour elimination of recycled plastic materials and bioplastic materials


Analysis and testing


AIMPLAS is specialised in the characterisation of recycled chippings and flakes according to the UNE, ISO and ASTM standards.

Particle size distribution, contaminations, filterability, alkalinity... we have the answer to any analysis and testing that is necessary in the field of plastic recycling.

Furthermore, our laboratories are particularly equipped for the validation of specifications of different application sectors of recycled materials (containers, automotive sector, construction sector, electrical-electronic sector, etc.) 


Competitive intelligence

Technical developments and legislation, financial aids and subsidies, news, technological offer-demand... our services provide you with vital strategic information for your decision making.

Moreover, our specialists can develop a customised system for the creation of innovative ideas and business opportunities for your enterprise. Let us know about your requirements (newsletter alerts of legislation, etc.), we give you the solution that best adjusts to your needs.


AIMPLAS offers the best training courses in the recycling sector. On-line courses, face-to-face courses and customised courses related to the recycling of plastic materials, improvement of recycling materials properties, assessment of plastic wastes, chemical recycling and energetic assessment as well as ecolabelling.

Furthermore, we offer enterprises a complete programming of conferences, seminars and workshops to learn about new trends and the latest developments on the market. 

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