Innovation in Construction

In the construction sector, we work in the development of materials with the best properties (better electrical conductivity, better resistance to water and fire, antimicrobial effect and insecticides...), development of new finished surfaces for plastic parts (wooden, marble look, etc.)

Other investigation lines are:

  • Improvement of mechanical properties: impact, dimensional stability, slipperiness, etc.
  • Development of intelligent and active plastic materials
  • Development of plastic materials with custom properties (electrical conductor and thermal insulation)
  • Development of formulations for adhesive products
  • Biocomposites
Technical assistance

Do you need to identify the failure of pipe-fittings, sheets, geosynthetics and storage reservoirs? AIMPLAS gives you the solution within a short time. We possess the most advanced equipment of laboratories and pilot plants to find the answer to the technical problems of your product or material.

Moreover, we assist you in the compliance with the required standards and legislation concerning your product (Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011, environmental specifications), life-cycle analysis (LCA), and we can be your technological support in the realisation of expert reports and technical studies.

Valorisation of waste material, product recyclability, use of recycled material, energetic efficiency of manufacture... You can count on AIMPLAS, we assist you in all aspects with regard to the environmental sustainability of your product.

Analysis and testing

Pipes and fittings, sheets, tanks, swimming pools, profiles, sanitary facilities... AIMPLAS carries out the analysis and testing of any material and plastic product that is used in the construction sector.

Our laboratory for the plastic sector has the widest range of ENAC accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17025. Furthermore, we are a notified organism (no 1842) to implement tests of CE-marking of tanks for above ground storage of domestic heating oil, kerosene and diesel fuel and for small wastewater treatment plants.

What are your needs?

We determine the reason for failure causes.

We realise the testing to verify the compliance with legislation: Regulation (EU) no 305/2011 of construction products

CE-marking: tanks, septic tanks and purification plants, sheets for waterproofing, sanitary facilities (bath tubs, shower trays...)

We identify and characterise your material or product.

We determine the thermal, physical, mechanical, optical properties and barrier properties.

We select the parameters and elaborate technical data sheets.

We determine the durability of the product.


We offer face-to-face courses, on-line courses, conferences and seminars for professionals of the construction sector with the aim to intensify their know-how about plastic materials and transformation processes, be updated with the related standards and legislation or learn about the latest innovations of the sector.

Moreover, we collaborate with ASETUB (Spanish Association of Plastic Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers) and grand the title for the official Spanish identification card of pipe layers.

Look for our complete training offer on:

Competitive intelligence

AIMPLAS will be at your disposal for the following services: be updated about the standards that affect your sector, learn about technological developments and new trends on the market or be informed about financial aids and subsidies to the benefit of your enterprise.

Our services of Competitive and Strategic Supervision include the technical market information, which you need for your strategic decision making.

We assist you to be updated with everything that happens in your business sector (competition monitoring, industry developments, etc.) using customised supervision systems: raw material prices, R&D information (state-of-the-art realisations, patentability reports, web platforms for public funding projects, etc.).

Let us know about your needs, and we give you the solution (technical information) that best adjusts to your requirements.