Automotive and Transport


Automotive Research & Development

We collaborate with companies of the automotive and transport sector to improve the properties of plastic materials of vehicles (better resistance to scratches on interior panels of motor vehicles, such as doors, dashboards or an increased electrical conductivity of plastic parts). Another important role play environmental aspects, we focus on the reduction of the vehicle´s weight and concentrate on biomaterials and the development of technologies for:

Development and improvement of polymeric materials:

Materials from renewable sources.
Nanocomposites and functionalisation of nanoparticles.
Materials with fire resistance and elimination of smoke.
Improvement of traditional material properties.

Improvement of transformation processes:

Dispersion and rheology of mixtures.
Processing of thermoplastic materials and continuous fibres.
Advanced composite curing systems.

Development of new products:

Multifunctional structures (Co-extrusion, co-injection, lamination, coatings).
Products based on recycled materials and on biocomposites

Technical assistance

Plastics in automotive assessment

Do you have any failure problems in your parts? Are you looking for a reduction of your manufacturing costs? AIMPLAS assists and provides you with solutions within a short time.

We support you in the control of the machine parameters to optimise the production or to forecast the behaviour of the different materials in the manufacturing process.

Do you need to improve the recyclability of your parts or assign more properties to a recycled material? Our team consists of specialists in sustainability and industrial assessment who will support you in the compliance with the increasing environmental requirements of the automotive industry and who assist you in the entire process: from ecodesign until the evaluation of environmental impacts.


Analysis and testing

Automotive Testing Laboratory

Analysis and testing in AIMPLAS is carried out according to the manufacturer's specifications of the automotive sector: Ford, Seat-Volkswagen, General Motors, Opel, Toyota, Nissan, PSA-Renault.
Our laboratories have the widest range of ENAC accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17025 in the plastics industry in Spain. We offer solutions to enterprises that supply raw materials and manufacturers of parts for the automotive industry: carpets, seats, chrome covers, interior panels (door, dashboard, roof, etc.)

What do you need?

AIMPLAS identifies and characterises polymers, fillers and additives, we determine the thermal, physical, mechanical and optical properties of your material or product and carry out the basic tests for automotive parts: climatic testing, accelerated artificial ageing (Xenon-arc and UV), emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fogging test, coating testing (adherence, thickness, scratch, defectology, etc.)
We search an added value for enterprises and interpret the results of their reports using our know-how and experience.


The automotive industry finds in AIMPLAS the widest range of training courses in relation with processes and plastic materials in its sector.

On-line courses and face-to-face courses (specialisation and university graduates, professional recycling...) as well as conferences and seminars related to processing, quality, innovation or material technologies...

Look for our courses with regard to the automotive sector on

Competitive intelligence

Automotive industry trends, news and insights

Obtain the maximum personalisation of information in the automotive sector that you require: standards and legislation, financial aids and subsidies, events, patents...

We assist you in being updated with everything that happens in your business sector (competition monitoring, industry developments, etc.), to be able to define the strategy for you enterprise using supervision systems (technology-market-competition), customised for your business activity.

Raw material prices, information for R+D+i... Inform us about your needs and we give you the solution that best adapts to your requirements.