Agricultural research and innovation

We develop R+D+i projects in AIMPLAS, which are adapted to the needs of companies of the agricultural sector: material with new functionalities (biocides, antimicrobials, anti-thermic, light diffusers...) replacement of virgin material by recycled material, development of biodegradables (micro-irrigation pipes, watering and irrigation accessories, ropes and twines, mulch film, greenhouse film, silage film ...)

Benefit from the experience of AIMPLAS in the agricultural sector as well as the results from our R&D projects that provide your product with a higher value or a reduction of production costs!

Technical assistance

Do you need to solve rupture or degradation problems? We are specialists in giving solutions to technical problems related with film, irrigation pipes or artificial turf. If you have technical problems in your production or facilities, do not hesitate to contact us, our experts assist you in finding a solution within the shortest time possible.

We solve compatibility problems, improve the recyclability of a product, we elaborate expert reports or support you in the applied legislation and standardisation of the agricultural sector. AIMPLAS will be at your disposal! 

Analysis and testing

We support you in the compliance with the legislation of the agricultural sector (we put at your disposal a laboratory for the plastics industry with the widest range of ENAC accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17025). Do you have to analyse the content and dispersion of carbon black in your irrigation pipes or the oxidation induction temperature and oxidation induction time? Do you need to prove the resistance of an agriculture film?
AIMPLAS has the solution for you.

We carry out analyses and testing with agriculture films (padding, low tunnel film, greenhouses), irrigation pipes and tubes (conventional irrigation and micro-irrigation), cordage (raffia, ropes and twine...), nurseries (seeds, flower-boxes, trays, hydroponic cultivation) and packaging (nets and bags).

What are your needs?

  • We determine failure causes.
  • We carry out the testing to verify the compliance with legislation.
  • We identify and characterise your material or product.
  • We determine the thermal, physical, mechanical and optical properties.
  • We select the parameters and elaborate technical data sheets.
  • We determine the durability of the product.
  • We manage the certification (DIN CERTCO) of compostable products.

If you are searching options to recycle or specialise your plastic materials and your transformation processes, you will find in AIMPLAS the widest range of training courses in the sector: face-to-face courses, on-line courses and customised courses (in the facilities of either your enterprise or AIMPLAS) with respect to materials (properties, characterisation, recycling, failures...) and transformation processes (extrusion, injection, compounding, composites, etc.)

Furthermore, AIMPLAS organises conferences, seminars and workshops in relation with the latest developments in industry (biodegradable materials, market innovations, new challenges of plastic materials).

Have a look at our offer of training courses:

Competitive intelligence

AIMPLAS offers you technical information and market news, which you need for your strategic decision-making: technical information (legislation, new products, transformation processes, new materials, applications, machinery, raw material prices, markets, etc.), competitor analysis and information for internalisation processes.

Moreover, our specialists can develop for you a customised system to create innovative ideas and business opportunities for your enterprise. Let us know about your requirements (newsletter alerts of legislation, etc.), we have the solution that best adjusts to your needs.