Aeronautics Research & Development

 The improvement in materials’ properties such as fire resistance, mechanical performance, high electrical conductivity, antimicrobial functionalities, etc., or also the incorporation of bioplastics in interior components of aircrafts (backrests, seats, magazine racks, trays, carpets, etc.) to enhance their environmental sustainability are some examples of the goals achieved by AIMPLAS.

Moreover, AIMPLAS has given support to their customers by providing new functionalities to aircrafts such as anti-icing systems and other advanced coatings based on self-assembled systems.

AIMPLAS has also assisted the companies in the reduction of both production times and costs. Our research institute is also experienced in the production of high-performance composite materials without using autoclave systems. Our experience and successful case studies enable us an advanced position in this field.

Technical assistance

If you need to learn about failure causes, rupture, degradation or the installation of any of your parts, we will be at your disposal. Solve your technical problems within a short time as a result of AIMPLAS´ experience in polymeric materials and processes!

AIMPLAS can also optimise your production system (we study your process automation), the possibility of using alternative curing techniques such as microwave and UV radiation enabling an increase in production rates and the reduction of manufacturing costs of polyurethane moulds by performing pre-industrial tests!

Moreover, we assist you in the design of resin transfer moulds (based on the simulation of the injection process) and in the improvement of the environmental sustainability of your product (replacement of traditional composite materials by biocomposites and allowing product´s recyclability).

You can count on us to clarify any arising question in relation with the applied legislation of your product or sector. We have a professional team of specialists available for the elaboration of expert reports.

Analysis and testing

AIMPLAS possesses a laboratory for the aeronautics sector with the widest range of ENAC accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17025 in the plastics industry in Spain.
We carry out non-destructive tests(ultrasound), tests for composites and adhesives (interlayer fracture toughness, interlayer cutting, tensile and compressive strength, bending of sandwich structures, and structures (static and fatigue testing of composites sandwich panels, compression and shear resistance).

What do you need?

  • We evaluate and determine failures causes.
  • We identify and characterise your material or product.
  • We characterize the thermal, physical, mechanical and optical properties of your products.
  • We select and optimize the most suitable parameters for the production of your products and elaborate technical data sheets.
  • We determine the durability of the product.

AIMPLAS provides the aeronautic sector with the best training offer in relation with plastic materials and their transformation processes. Face-to-face courses, on-line courses and customised courses: composite materials (properties, characterisation, failures, etc.) and production processes.

Moreover, we have a complete and diverse planning of conferences, seminars and workshops to present the latest developments in the market as to materials, processes, recycling, laboratory equipment, etc.

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Competitive intelligence

Be updated with everything that happens in your business sector and that affects your company. Learn about the latest technology developments and be informed about changes in legislation which affect your business activities, financial aids and subsidies that might be useful for your company; AIMPLAS will be at your disposal.

Our services of Competitive and Strategic Supervision include the technical market information, which you need for your strategic decision making.

We assist you to be updated with everything that happens in your business sector (competition monitoring, industry developments, etc.) using customised supervision systems: raw material prices, R&D information (state-of-the-art reports, patentability reports, web platforms for public financial funding projects, etc.). Let us know about your needs, and we give you the solution (technical information) that best adjusts to your requirements.