Business opportunities

In this section, you will find those products and technologies that AIMPLAS has developed and can be implemented in companies in the short term with a high probability of success. We offer you high added-value competitive solutions that will allow your company to increase the turnover and open up new markets.


Elimination of volatile contaminants

This is an important factor for the sector of recycled plastic material in general and for any other product that needs solutions to problems related with bad odours and other contaminants.

Odour problems of plastic materials

This is an interesting methodology for enterprises with odour problems, due to the use of plastic materials in sectors like food packaging, recycled plastics, components in the interior of motor vehicles...

improving plastic properties IMPROVEMENT OF PROPERTIES

Plastics with insect repellent capacity or insecticide

Interesting for manufacturing companies of items such as urban furniture (bins, containers...), manufacturers of mosquito nets, agricultural nets or films, packages...

Plastic materials with antimicrobial capacity

Plastic materials with an antimicrobial capacity that comply with the international standards are interesting for applications that require the absence of microbiological contamination, for example, packages, Tupper-ware, screens, sanitary facilities, water dispensers, domestic appliances, kitchenware, medical equipment, ...

Biodegradable and conventional material with resistance to high temperatures

Materials that require higher heat resistance using a reactive extrusion system. Interesting for companies that require a resistance to high temperatures for their products, such as applications of sterilization, pasteurisation...

Panels with a high mechanical strength and fire resistance

Panels with high mechanical strength and fire resistance with thermoplastic and thermoset matrices. Interesting for manufacturers of parts for motor vehicles and aircrafts, panels for means of transport (buses, caravans, trains, boats, refrigerators), construction panels, prefabricated houses, call centres...

Thermoplastic sheets with high performances

Thermoplastic sheets that have much higher performances than conventional processes, comparable with the obtained performances by resins. Interesting for manufacturers of plastic sheets for different industries, for example, the construction sector.

Reduction of weigh of moulded parts

Reduction of weight in moulded parts by using a new integrated component with textile substrates. Interesting for manufacturers of moulded parts in industries such as the electrical-electronic sector.

Plastic materials suitable for dental prostheses

Interesting for manufacturers of dental prostheses.

plastic biomaterials BIOMATERIALS

Biodegradable materials

Compound technologies to obtain biodegradable materials on demand (injection of starch, improvement of mechanical and thermal properties of PLA, PLA-starch mixtures, PVOH processing, use of natural fibres, plasticisers, impact modifiers, foam, etc.) Interesting for enterprises of any sector to manufacture products with biodegradable materials.

Starch plastic film with a greater amount of native starch than commercial grades. Interesting for manufacturers of blown film extrusion for any application

Thermoplastic biocomposites

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC), natural fibres and cellulose fibres with advanced properties (foaming, flame retardant, biodegradable, anti-microbial...) Interesting for companies that require these products in sectors such as construction, furniture, agriculture, packaging, ...

Biodegradable polymers reinforced with natural fibers with advanced properties (foaming, flame retardant, biodegradable, antimicrobial, etc.). Interesting for companies from sectors such as construction, urban furniture, agriculture, packaging... 

Natural fibre reinforced Propylene (PP). Interesting for manufacturers of PP parts

Thermoset biocomposites

Composites made from fibreglass and resins from sources with a high renewable content of carbon. Interesting for companies from sectors such as construction, urban furniture, automotive, sports and leisure... among others.

Recycled plastic RECYCLING

Recycling of plastic materials

Recycling of plastics, including aspects such as the recovery of materials with different formats or agglomerates, compatibility, polymerisation and devolatilisation. Interesting for enterprises of recycled plastic material.

Valorisation of tyres

Technology for the valorisation of used tyres and their transformation into high value-added products. Examples exist for pavements, shoe soles, knife handles and bollards. Interesting for rubber recycling companies.

Reduction of weigh and costs in moulded parts

Reduction of weight and costs by re-using recycled plastic material for the interior of large parts by co-injection. Interesting for manufacturers of large parts by injection for any applied sector.

food safety plastics materials FOOD SAFETY IN PLASTIC MATERIALS

Functional barrier in food packaging

Development of the methodology "Challenge Tests" to verify the functional barrier in food packaging and authorisation processes in food contact. Interesting for recycling enterprises of plastic materials and companies with the aim to introduce recycled plastic material in food packaging

Multilayer film

Release study of primary aromatic amines in multilayer film dependent on rolling and storage conditions. Interesting for manufacturers of multilayer films for food, applying isocyanate-based adhesives

Migration in food packaging

Development of analytical methods of specific migration (European Food Contact Legislation). Interesting for enterprises of plastic packaging for food, either for raw materials or manufacturers and enterprises of food industry

active packaging ACTIVE MATERIALS

Active packaging for fruits

Active packaging to prolong the life-circle of fourth range fruits. Interesting for manufacturers of packaging or filling machines for the fourth-range fruit sector (fruits ready for consumption).

PET packaging for food

Methodology to remove residual oxygen in food PET packaging (oxygen scavengers). Interesting for manufacturers of PET packaging for food.

packaging high barrier materials HIGH BARRIER MATERIALS

PVOH more competitive

Development of PVOH grades, customised and more competitive in pricing compared with EVOH. Used in applications which require a high barrier and the replacement of high barrier materials, like EVOH.

Oxygen barrier packaging

  Co-injected packaging with capability of oxygen barrier. Interesting for manufacturers and users of food packaging, packaging for cosmetics or any product that requires an oxygen barrier.

plastic electrical and thermal conductivity ELECTRICAL-THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY

Plastic conductors for LED lighting

LED insertion in mould for subsequent injection of a conductive material that allows to obtain a current flow for the lighting of the LEDs. Interesting for the development of parts which require a wireless lighting to simplify the post-process, for example in illuminations, the electrical sector or toys... among others.

Conductive plastics

Conductive plastics (sheets or flexible film, shielded cables, bipolar plates, fibres or fabrics...). Interesting for companies which require these properties, for example, in the electronics-electrical sector, telecommunications, defence industry, aerospace, automotive or medical sector... among others.

flame retardant plastic FLAME RETARDANTS

Flame retardant plastics

Development of flame retardant plastics with halogen-free additives and the replacement of halogenated flame retardants by no-halogenated flame retardants. Application of this technology on biogradable materials, WPCs and thread. Interesting for enterprises which require fire-resistant plastics in the electrical sector, construction, automotive industry, etc.

functional coatings FUNCTIONAL COATINGS

Functional fluorinated anti-adhesive coatings on metal substrates, composites and plastics

Interesting for manufacturers and users of products which require anti-adhesive surfaces, for example, in the aeronautics sector, wind turbine blades or wires.


Polymerisation of thermoset resins

Polymerisation of thermoset resins (polyester, vinylester and epoxy) using the electromagnetic radiation in the range of microwaves. Interesting for enterprises working with these resins in the sectors of wind energy, navigation and aviation... among others.

Improvement of RTM processes

Technology for the monitoring of the resin flow in RTM-type processes to obtain a complete mould filling within the shortest time possible. Interesting for enterprises with RTM-type processes.