HDPE automotive sector
11 July 2016 en Automotive and Transport
The automotive industry, one of the most competitive and innovative ones, has enjoyed for years the benefits that plastics offer when manufacturing vehicles. 
food contact packaging
08 July 2016 en Food sector, Healthcare, Packaging
Smart packages give information to consumers based on the interaction happened between food and packaging, which triggers a modification in the packaging, an indicator of the quality or condition of the product.  
REACH regulation plastics
06 July 2016 en Legislation and standards
Spain is taking part in the coordinated European inspection project for the monitoring implementation of the REACH regulation, called «REACH-EN-FORCE 4». This project has been organized by the Forum for Exchange of Information of the...
sustainable packaging
04 July 2016 en Energy efficiency, Environment, Healthcare, Packaging, Recycling
AIMPLAS, together with  AIDIMME, ARVET, ACTECO and ENPLAST, coordinates the project LIFE EXTRUCLEAN. Thanks to new decontamination technologies, it has been achieved to eliminate 70% more contaminant substances than with the conventional...
Plastic recovery technologies
28 June 2016 en Environment
The growing trend in the use of plastic materials is an indisputable fact: plastics are being more and more consumed to manufacture products. Once their shelf life has ended, the plastic products turn into waste; therefore, plastic waste...
oxygen permeability
24 June 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Packaging
When we say that a material or packaging has a particular gas permeability, for instance oxygen, it gives us an idea of the amount of gas molecules that pass over the surface of the material or packaging. Although in daily life there is a...
plastics and construction
22 June 2016 en Construction, Innovation
The construction sector, with approximately a 20 % of the total consumption of plastic materials is the second sector after the packaging sector. In this industry we find plastic materials in many different applications: bridges and...
Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites seminar
20 June 2016 en Bioplastics, Training in plastics
The VI edition of the International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites has started with the call for speakers for the event. Valencia will host on 1st and 2nd March 2017 the 6th edition of an event established as an...
REACH regulation
17 June 2016 en Environment, Healthcare, Legislation and standards
The REACH regulation (CE) nº 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council came into force on 1st June 2007 and is the most ambitious legislation on chemical substances worldwide.
It replaces around 40 existing regulations related...
pipe installation
13 June 2016 en Construction
This infographic shows the basic rules for welding polyethylene pipes.
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