food packaging challenges
15 August 2016 en Food sector, Healthcare, Packaging
The experience of AIMPLAS in project implementation and technical researches related to selecting food-contact plastic materials for food contact packaging has allowed to identify the two facts related to permeability, which are usually...
packaging innovation
08 August 2016 en Training in plastics
Plastic product design must be seen as a multidisciplinary and collaborative task, requiring the participation of different complementary disciplines to achieve the fulfilment of the requirements given by the customer, in case of designing...
reach regulations
26 July 2016 en Legislation and standards
Last 27 April, the European Chemicals Agency launched some new public consultations on the use of chemical compounds in 29 different applications to authorize 47 uses.
The chemical compounds involved are:
recycled food packaging
25 July 2016 en Environment, Packaging, R&D, Recycling
As a result of REGULATION 282/2008/UE, the prohibition of use of recycled plastic materials in contact with food at national level disappeared, which was later reaffirmed in the Royal Decree 846/2011.
accelerated weathering
22 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Automotive and Transport
Weathering testing and ageing testing help us to predict how our plastic products are going to withstand over time. 
biodegradable plastics
19 July 2016 en Bioplastics, Food sector, Innovation, Packaging, R&D
A European project coordinated by AIMPLAS has made possible the development of biodegradable packages, such as bags, bottles and caps to contain products requiring treatments like pasteurization or sterilization.
reach regulations
18 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Environment, Healthcare, Packaging
In a meeting held last March, the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) and after the restriction proposal presented by Poland, it has been accepted the restriction on methanol concentration in windshield washing fluids and...
accredited laboratories plastic
15 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Construction, Legislation and standards
«CE marking» means European Conformity and is the manufacturers’ prove that its product complies with the minimum legal and technical requirements with respect to safety in the European Union. CE marking is not optional and every product...
13 July 2016 en Bioplastics, Food sector, Innovation
AIMPLAS has coordinated a project that has allowed developing a new generation of biodegradable and compostable packages for cheese and fresh pasta, with a lower cost up to 25 % and a reduction of the final carbon footprint up to 29 %. 
plastics research
11 July 2016 en Construction, Innovation
Innovation on the properties of plastic materials has made possible its application in nearly all spheres of life, as well as in our nearest space, our home. AIMPLAS has developed projects in the construction sector with a relevance...