Spanish technology centre
07 February 2018 en Nanomaterials
Last December 2017, the project HELADA was completed with the final consortium meeting at INTA’s facilities.
During the project HELADA, durable coatings preventing or minimizing the formation of ice were developed. Moreover, work was done...
Plastic research institute
05 February 2018 en Circular Economy
AIMPLAS coordinates the project REPESCA_PLAS in the framework of the programme Pleamar of Fundación Biodiversidad (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Foodstuffs and Environment), with the aim of collecting more than 300 kg of marine...
Plastic research institute
29 January 2018 en Circular Economy, R&D, Recycling
The consortium of the project URBANREC, coordinated by AIMPLAS, is going to hold the 1st Technical Workshop and Networking Event on 23 February.
During the technical workshop the first results will be presented regarding Fiber Reinforced...
24 January 2018 en R&D, Recycling
The current management of commercial plastic wastes in the European Union does not meet the circular economy criteria and only in 2013, the Member States generated more than one million tons, of which 95 % were landfilled.
During the LIFE...
food contact packaging
18 January 2018 en Food sector, Nanomaterials, Packaging
Nanotechnology is a field that appeals to companies, researchers and public bodies. Its applications in electronics, biomedicine, construction, aeronautics, agriculture and materials technology have multiplied. In the last decade, many...
Plastic research institute
15 January 2018 en Packaging, Training in plastics
AIMPLAS has organized the II edition of okPlast that will take place on February 27 and 28, 2018. The second edition consolidates this event, whose objective is to provide a global overview on legislative innovations and trends for plastic...
food packaging challenges
08 January 2018 en Food sector, Packaging
The development of new packages and packaging technologies for fresh fruits and vegetables is a constant for packaging companies, in order to give an answer to the fresh products growing demands of consumers.
Spanish technology centre
20 December 2017 en Packaging
Extending the shelf life of food is one of the challenges of the food sector. Currently, modified atmosphere processes are used in the case of meats and fresh food, as well as packaging including multilayer structures with metallized...
Plastic research institute
14 December 2017 en Automotive and Transport
Last 7 and 8 November and coinciding with the 31st month of the project, the general assembly meeting of the JOSPEL project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, was held.
The aim of the project is developing a new energy-efficient climate system for...
control Lepidoptera pests
05 December 2017 en Healthcare, Innovation, R&D
The aim of LIFE PISA Project (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000504) is to demonstrate the viability of the combination of several systems currently used to control Lepidoptera pests to be applied in different urban or recreational areas in different...