packaging test
25 April 2014 en Analysis and Testing, Packaging
There is not specific product legislation in which parameters to be checked or the requirements to be complied with for packs type tub or tray pelable are described. So, controls to be done about this product will be selected according to...
food packaging challenges
25 April 2014 en Food sector, Packaging
UBE will hold next May 7th, 2014 “Change & Challenge: The Barrier-Film Packaging Summit 2014” in Düsseldorf (Germany). This summit, which attendance is free, will have four sessions: Institute & Retailer, Food- & Film Producer...
CE marking plastics
23 April 2014 en Construction, Legislation and standards
With the coming into force of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), new rules apply to construction products, which need to be tested using European standards to earn the CE mark.This CE mark creates trust throughout the entire...
plastic materials in construction
16 April 2014 en Construction, R&D
The esthetic aspect, passage time, aging, atmospheric effects, all of them affects the surfaces of plastics and the surface of non-plastic materials used in the construction. 
Undoubtedly, according to the functionality of a piece, the...
Microwave Curing Composites
15 April 2014 en Energy efficiency, Innovation, R&D
Composite components must be cured under very strict processing conditions due to the need of having a reproducible polymerisation of the resin.
plastic and polymer technology
02 April 2014 en Analysis and Testing, R&D
AIMPLAS opened its new installations in the Technology Park Paterna (Valencia - Spain). The centre is destined for the research of nanomaterials, materials from renewable sources, composites and intelligent materials which contribute to...
Recycled plastic
25 March 2014 en Automotive and Transport, R&D, Recycling
The new asphalt, which uses end of use tyres and caps, package and hanger wastes for modifying mixes, has been used to pave a 2-km long M-300 section road at access points to Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) in which the good performance of...
Monolayer bioplastic packaging
24 July 2013 en Bioplastics, Food sector, Packaging, R&D
The European Project InnoREX enables the production of monolayer bioplastic packaging thanks to the great value chain that forms the project's Consortium, in collaboration with the Valencian enterprise TALLERES POHUER.
For the first time,...