bioplastics for trucks
19 May 2014 en Automotive and Transport, Bioplastics, Environment
The Technological Institute of Plastics participates in a European project to replace the pieces injected with ABS inside the trucks by other ones manufactured with materials from renewable sources. The project has the collaboration of the...
biodegradable packages
16 May 2014 en Food sector, Packaging, R&D
The ECOBIONET project coordinated by AIMPLAS received the award for the best European project of the Valencian Community 2013 in the modality of Innovation, given by the Conselleria de Hacienda y Administración Pública (Finance and Public...
food contact packaging
12 May 2014 en Food sector, Packaging, R&D
New multilayer biodegradable and recyclable packages for cheeses and fresh food, but maintaining their lifespan. 75% of raw materials are expected to be used to manufacture new recyclable packages.
CE marking shower trays
08 May 2014 en Construction
From 1st April 2012, the shower trays manufacturers for domestic use are obligated to commercialize their products at European level with the CE marking, according to the legislation EN 14527, since it indicates the conformity of the...
R&D Plastics
30 April 2014 en Construction, R&D
The rehabilitation company from Alicante (Spain), Urbana de Exteriores, has presented SURI (Shelter Unit for Rapid Installations) in the annual meeting for European providers in United Nations. In this edition, the event placed emphasis on...
biodegradable packaging
29 April 2014 en Packaging, R&D
Biodegradable plastics have found an important niche market in single use plastic bags destined to advertising in shops and supermarkets. The increase of its use in applications of packaging and container sector has generated the...
packaging test
25 April 2014 en Analysis and Testing, Packaging
There is not specific product legislation in which parameters to be checked or the requirements to be complied with for packs type tub or tray pelable are described. So, controls to be done about this product will be selected according to...
food packaging challenges
25 April 2014 en Food sector, Packaging
UBE will hold next May 7th, 2014 “Change & Challenge: The Barrier-Film Packaging Summit 2014” in Düsseldorf (Germany). This summit, which attendance is free, will have four sessions: Institute & Retailer, Food- & Film Producer...
CE marking plastics
23 April 2014 en Construction, Legislation and standards
With the coming into force of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), new rules apply to construction products, which need to be tested using European standards to earn the CE mark.This CE mark creates trust throughout the entire...
plastic materials in construction
16 April 2014 en Construction, R&D
The esthetic aspect, passage time, aging, atmospheric effects, all of them affects the surfaces of plastics and the surface of non-plastic materials used in the construction. 
Undoubtedly, according to the functionality of a piece, the...