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compounding AIMPLAS
13 March 2017 en Technology Watch
AIMPLAS has implemented the version 2.0 of the website of our Compounding department:

This webpage is customer oriented and the companies can find how AIMPLAS can help to give solutions in each compounding...
Competitive intelligence
22 August 2016 en R&D, Technology Watch
Big Data has become a benchmark for any organization. Although the decision making from data is not a novelty, there are some tools allowing collecting, processing and analysing a larger amount of data and quickly. 
Competitive and strategic intelligence system
22 January 2015 en Innovation, Technology Watch
Globalisation is an unstoppable phenomen: it has come to stay. Competitiveness in labour and production costs force companies to differentiate from their competitors through innovation, otherwise they will have to overcome a lot of...
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