Plastic research institute
04 June 2018 en Circular Economy, Nanomaterials
AIMPLAS coordinates the European project CARMOF, which tackles the environmental challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.
Institute of Plastic Technology
08 May 2018 en Innovation, Nanomaterials, Training in plastics
AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, closed last week the second edition of an international seminar on plastic materials that had around 130 attendees from different countries. 
Spanish technology centre
07 February 2018 en Nanomaterials
Last December 2017, the project HELADA was completed with the final consortium meeting at INTA’s facilities.
During the project HELADA, durable coatings preventing or minimizing the formation of ice were developed. Moreover, work was done...
food contact packaging
18 January 2018 en Food sector, Nanomaterials, Packaging
Nanotechnology is a field that appeals to companies, researchers and public bodies. Its applications in electronics, biomedicine, construction, aeronautics, agriculture and materials technology have multiplied. In the last decade, many...
Plastic research institute
29 September 2017 en Nanomaterials
The exposure of wind turbines to extreme climates, such as those representing the formation of ice on blades was, up until now, a problem, since these factors used to limit their performance and power generation. In order to guarantee the...
nanotechnology plastics
15 June 2017 en Nanomaterials
The project GRAPHOS kicks off with the aim of developing products with advanced functionalities and improved physical-mechanical properties by integrating graphene and carbonaceous nanostructures into polymeric matrixes 
R&D plastics
10 April 2017 en Healthcare, Nanomaterials
ERESA coordinates a project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the programme RETOS, where AIMPLAS participates. This will allow the development of innovative polymeric tags that will improve the radiotherapy...
nanotechnology plastics
15 February 2017 en Circular Economy, Innovation, Nanomaterials
The project GRAMOFON, coordinated by AIMPLAS, in which a total of eight partners from Europe and one from South Korea take part, has been funded with EUR 4.2 million by the European Union through the programme H2020.
biodegradable packaging
26 September 2016 en Bioplastics, Circular Economy, Nanomaterials
AIMPLAS is attending from 19 to 26 October a new edition of the K Trade Fair (Hall 7 Level 1 Stand B41).
nanotechnology plastics
17 May 2016 en Automotive and Transport, Nanomaterials, R&D
The theoretical properties of graphene at mechanical, electrical and thermal level are quite attractive at industrial level. For this reason, great efforts are being made to apply them in real applications and products.


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