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Institute of Plastic Technology
27 September 2018 en Food sector, Packaging
In this post, you will find the most relevant types of food packaging of the market and the application sectors where they are used.
Institute of Plastic Technology
20 April 2018 en Food sector
Bisphenol A (2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl) propane (BPA) (No CAS 80-05-7)) is a chemical substance widely used to manufacture materials for food contact. An example of material in which BPA is used is polycarbonate, which is rigid and durable...
Spanish technology centre
27 February 2018 en Food sector
The Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) of the European Commission is working on a specific regulation for printed food contact materials. Its intention is to have it by the end of 2018, but it may not be possible...
food contact packaging
18 January 2018 en Food sector, Nanomaterials, Packaging
Nanotechnology is a field that appeals to companies, researchers and public bodies. Its applications in electronics, biomedicine, construction, aeronautics, agriculture and materials technology have multiplied. In the last decade, many...
food packaging challenges
08 January 2018 en Food sector, Packaging
The development of new packages and packaging technologies for fresh fruits and vegetables is a constant for packaging companies, in order to give an answer to the fresh products growing demands of consumers.
food contact packaging
24 May 2017 en Food sector, Packaging, Training in plastics
Companies such as ULMA, ITC, HIPERBARIC, PLÁSTICOS ROMERO, DUPONT and AMPACET will launch their innovations in the meeting. 
packaging innovation
03 April 2017 en Bioplastics, Circular Economy, Food sector, Packaging
AIMPLAS is coordinating the European project DAFIA whose objective is recovering the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes from the fish industry to obtain new products and additives of high added value. 
food contact packaging
02 March 2017 en Food sector, Packaging, Training in plastics
The III edition of MeetingPack, which will take place on 30 and 31 May in Valencia, will bring together the last innovations in barrier materials and manufacturing processes to obtain a packaging adapted to convenience criteria.
food packaging challenges
13 December 2016 en Food sector, Packaging, Recycling
After having coordinated during 24 months the project BANUS, from the EU Seventh Framework Programme, the Centre has increased significantly the existing knowledge on the evaluation of functional barriers and the effectiveness of different...
R&D plastics
05 December 2016 en Food sector, Packaging
INESCOP, AINIA y AIMPLAS are collaborating in the R&D project INORCAP, focused on the research on multifunctional microcapsules with high mechanical and thermal resistance.


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