CE Marking tanks plastic
30 August 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Construction
AIMPLAS carries out the tests required for the CE marking of plastic tanks and sewage treatment plants, since it is notified by the Ministry of Industry as a Notified Body no 1842.
Plastic research institute
17 July 2018 en Automotive and Transport, Construction, Innovation

Composite materials are formed by two or more components, so that the properties of the final material are better than properties of the components separately.
This kind of materials consist of:
Plastic research institute
03 April 2018 en Construction
The project OSIRYS, which has concluded successfully, has already been applied in a real building. In particular, in an office building in the Estonian city of Tartu.

The project, which was aimed at improving indoor environment quality...
Plastic research institute
12 March 2018 en Construction
Fibre-reinforced composites are materials of great interest for very demanding sectors, such as the construction and the automotive industries, thanks to their low weight and the excellent mechanical properties they have.
Spanish technology centre
02 November 2017 en Analysis and Testing, Construction, Legislation and standards
The compliance with the existing legislation is made compulsory by the company. However, the large number of existing laws for the different markets causes that in some cases the company may not be aware of all the responsibilities and may...
R&D Plastics
20 December 2016 en Construction, Innovation
Next 27 January 2017, a workshop on the European project SLIPSAFE will take place in Brussels, organized by the consortium of the project, where the developments and results of this new generation of PVC anti-slip floors will be showcased...
testing plastic materials
30 November 2016 en Construction, Legislation and standards
The standards concerning plastic pipes are determined by the material used to manufacture such pipe (polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC) and by the function that is going to perform, whether supply or sanitation. 
polymer testing laboratories
28 October 2016 en Bioplastics, Construction
The company ADVANCED ROADS had the assessment of AIMPLAS in order to improve one of their products, the so-called ECO WAY: a polymer-based additive allowing stabilizing, crushing and waterproofing lands in rural areas that are subject to...
accredited laboratories plastic
15 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Construction, Legislation and standards
«CE marking» means European Conformity and is the manufacturers’ prove that its product complies with the minimum legal and technical requirements with respect to safety in the European Union. CE marking is not optional and every product...
plastics research
11 July 2016 en Construction, Innovation
Innovation on the properties of plastic materials has made possible its application in nearly all spheres of life, as well as in our nearest space, our home. AIMPLAS has developed projects in the construction sector with a relevance...


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