Analysis and Testing

Institute of Plastic Technology
02 October 2018 en Analysis and Testing, R&D
AIMPLAS is participating in the second year of a project that will ensure the processability at the industrial level of new polymer developments on demand. After the project, results will be transferred to all the companies of the plastics...
CE Marking tanks plastic
30 August 2018 en Analysis and Testing, Construction
AIMPLAS carries out the tests required for the CE marking of plastic tanks and sewage treatment plants, since it is notified by the Ministry of Industry as a Notified Body no 1842.
Spanish technology centre
01 August 2018 en Analysis and Testing, R&D
Within the field of composite materials, we find a wide range of processing techniques based on the use of reinforcing materials mainly focused on textile structures and matrices of polymeric materials. Depending on the thermoplastic or...
Institute of Plastic Technology
07 May 2018 en Analysis and Testing
AIMPLAS has recently included new equipment for the performance of accelerated artificial ageing tests that increase the capacities in this field, in order to provide a better service to companies of different sectors in the plastics...
Spanish technology centre
02 November 2017 en Analysis and Testing, Construction, Legislation and standards
The compliance with the existing legislation is made compulsory by the company. However, the large number of existing laws for the different markets causes that in some cases the company may not be aware of all the responsibilities and may...
09 June 2017 en Analysis and Testing, Training in plastics
Next 20-22 September, it will be held the 8th European Weathering Symposium at Lindner Hotel in Belvedere, Austria.
The EWS is the only exclusive meeting in the field of natural and artificial weathering of polymers and a meeting point for...
migration test for packaging
24 October 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Food sector, Packaging
Since the publication of the Regulation 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, there have been different transitional provisions allowing the packaging industry to adapt progressively to this new...
REACH regulation
09 September 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Legislation and standards
Five of the Member States of the European Union (France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden) have displayed their intention of including the following six substances in the list of “Candidate substances of very high concern to...
accelerated weathering
22 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Automotive and Transport
Weathering testing and ageing testing help us to predict how our plastic products are going to withstand over time. 
reach regulations
18 July 2016 en Analysis and Testing, Circular Economy, Healthcare, Packaging
In a meeting held last March, the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) and after the restriction proposal presented by Poland, it has been accepted the restriction on methanol concentration in windshield washing fluids and...


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