Accredited laboratories

accredited laboratories plasticAIMPLAS provides a testing laboratory with accreditations by ENAC and accreditation no 56/LE156 in conformity with the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Moreover, AIMPLAS is currently the first Spanish laboratory that offers accredited testing for the plastic industry.

Access to the document with the scope of the ISO 17025 accreditation

The importance of the brand ENAC in test reports

The brand ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body) refers to the position of AIMPLAS as an accredited laboratory in the test reports.

What is ENAC?

ENAC, the Spanish National Accreditation Body, is the only organism in Spain with the capacity to guarantee the technical competence of the organisations that obtain the accreditation, following the policies and recommendations established by the European Union at any time.

The accreditation is a formal acknowledgement on an international scale to prove capacities and build trust in relation to the action of different organisations, such as laboratories for analysing and testing.

Which advantages offers an accredited test report to a company?

  • Guarantees reliable results
  • Enables the comparison of results
  • Supports the decision making
  • Positions your business in a favourable way
  • >Makes your company different from your competitors
  • Increases acceptance in new markets

Why is the laboratory accreditation so important for AIMPLAS?

The accreditation guarantees the adaptation of a Quality Management System that ensures the following aspects:

  • The analysis and testing are carried out by qualified personnel
  • The control of the used measuring and test equipment
  • Procedural systematic working approach according to recognised standards or validated internal methods
  • Intercomparision of analysis & testing results at an international scale with the final objective to ensure the validity of the obtained results.

The ENAC accreditations are recognized in over 50 countries, as ENAC is a signatory of the Mutual Recognition Agreements arranged on an international level between accreditation bodies all over the world. These agreements include practically the whole of the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China and Australia, only to mention some of them.